Marysela Zamora

Social Entrepreneur

Marysela Zamora is a film and performing arts producer based in Costa Rica. She is the founder of Fabrica de Historias (artistic and creative production company) and Nosotras Women Connecting (gender equality initiative). She has been in charge of projects like The Odd Couple (2019), Broadway Cabaret Night (2017, 2018 & 2019), Chicago, the musical (2017 & 2018), West Side Story (2015), Films for Transparency Film Festival (2018). Marysela is a social activist and has worked in Presidential House as a consultant for the Solis Rivera administration (2014-2018).


Zamora holds a degree in Communication Science from the University of Costa Rica. In 2014, she completed the Community Solutions Program along with George Mason University, this program chooses leaders from around the world for a intensive professional program from the State Department. In 2017, Marysela was part of the prestigious  Young Leaders of the Americas Initiative y recently she got into the accelerator program for business women of Central America, WE Americas.