Marysela Zamora

Storytelling for change

Hi! I am Marysela. My biggest passion is to envision  better realities for everyone. I believe 3 things:

1.  Arts and culture make people happier,

2.  Most of our world problems can be solved through gender equality  and,

3.  We should be in a constant pursuit of new narratives to make this world a better place.

I have many passions: 

  • Arts, Cultural and Social  entrepreneur.
  • Gender advocate working with women and young leaders from Costa Rica, Latin America, Kenya, Africa and most recently Bangladesh, Asia. 
  • Citizen engagement, disinformation and democracies
“Cambiemos la Regla” (Lets change the rule) is a national campaign to pass the Menstrual Justice Bill in the Congress in Costa Rica

My work:

  • Founder and CEO of Nosotras Women Connecting.
  • Head of the Americas Chapter, DCN Global.
  • Spokeperson, strategist and lobbyist of the national campaing on menstrual health “Cambiemos la Regla”
  • Artistic and General Director of the Costa Rica Theatre Company of the Ministry of Culture and Youth,  2020-2022 during  Carlos Alvarado Quesada Administration. 
  • Independent producer of performing arts, films, opera, musical theatre, film festivals, among others.

My talents:

  • I design cultural and social projects from  human centered perspective
  • I am a storyteller, creative, director and producer
  • I develop, manage and support communties of leaders in diverse areas.

I am a fellow in:

  • Study of the U.S. Institutes SUSIs, 2009
  • Community Solutions Program, 2014.
  • Young Leaders of the Americas Initiative , 2017.
  • WEAmericas: Women Entrepreneus from Central America, 2018

I have some awards:

Some quite nice opportunities I’ve been given:

I went to school:

Facultad de Ciencias Sociales de Latinoamérica (FLACSO)Diploma in Governance and Public Innovation (2022)

Organization of American States, Washington DC, USA  Diploma in Inclusion and Human Rights (2022)

Thunderbird School of Global Management, Arizona State University, USA , Accelerator Program for Women Entrepreneurs (WEAmericas Program)- 2018-2019

Young Leaders of the Americas Initiative 2017 – Notre Dame University, South Bend, USA, Entrepreneurship & Leadership Program. October, 2017 – November, 2017

Community Leadership Institute & George Mason University, Fairfax, VA, USA Community Leadership Program. August, 2014 – December, 2014

Universidad de Costa Rica (2005-2011) BSc. in Mass Media with an emphasis in audiovisual production. Honor graduation (2011). Graduate in Mass Media. Studies on Journalism and Public Relations.