Marysela is an award winning leader by the Global School of Social Leaders (Vienna). She is a creative social innovator working on creating artistic and film projects aiming culture change. She is specialized on working with gender issues and contents for change.

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We are humans beings when we are together and tell stories

We are all made of stories. They connect us and through them we can recognize ourselves in others, a true path to a more emphatic and inclusive world.


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Films and Performing Arts

Meaningful contents  to connect people and communities

Producer of films, musical theatre, ballet, opera, comedy theatre. She has been in charge of projects like The Odd Couple (2019), Broadway Cabaret Night (2017, 2018 & 2019), Chicago, the musical (2017 & 2018), West Side Story (2015), Films for Transparency Film Festival (2018), San José Ballet Festival (2016 & 2017), among others.

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Gender & Leadership

Inspiring girls and women to make the change they want to see in the world

Marysela Zamora is the creator of Nosotras Women Connecting a platform to promote leadership in girls and women from Costa Rica, Latin America and now Kenya. Nosotras has been feature by the United Nations as one of the top ten initiatives to be known and replicated around the world.

“My vision is that every girl and woman is inspired to go and change the world through their leadership”

Marysela Zamora

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San José, Costa Rica